Why Customers Benefit From Our Security Team Training?

The last decade has revolutionized the way a customer evaluates any business’ products or services. It’s not just about treating the customer right anymore; it’s about making them feel good.

A study conducted recently revealed that, “U.S. brands lose approximately $62 billion each year due to poor customer service.” The results aren’t surprising considering the many competitive options available.

Another U.S. based survey revealed that 65% of customers stop using a brand’s service based on one poor customer service experience. It concludes by adding, “By 2020, Customer Experience Will Overtake Price and Product as the Key Brand Differentiator.”

Above: Major Sellers, Our Quality Assurance Manager providing Customer Experience Training to employees

At Guardian we take this seriously and have developed strong customer centrist training programs. Our marketing team recently had a one on one sit down with Major Sellers, Quality Assurance Manager, and discussed the importance in providing customer experience training to our employees.

How do you think Customer Experience Training helps any company?

I believe training is the key to good service, especially with our residential clientele. Our residential concierge, porters and handymen, interact regularly with residents whose expectations are high. Customer experience training teaches our employees the importance of creating a positive experience for our customers and their guests.

What makes Guardian’s training program stand out?

I have worked with some pretty large security organizations in the past. None of them offered the specificity GSS Customer Experience training has to offer. Oftentimes our competitors focus on standard operating procedures, emergency situations, and access control, without ever really considering the environment in which our customers reside.

How does it benefit the customers?

Our customers benefit by being able to contribute to the training. They tell us what is important to them and we incorporate those needs in the training. In the end, our clients benefit by retaining, and renewing their tenants and residents.

Are there any changes in employee behavior after they receive training?

Yes, we are able to qualify employees during the training. We can identify better the right prospects for the job.

Customer Experience Training

Guardian Security Services aims to constantly empower its team so they could deliver the best customer experience. We regularly conduct customer experience training programs that help our employees brainstorm innovative learning solutions to boost engagement and development.

The Benefits of Customer Experience Training are many, but we at Guardian, have observed these first hand:

  • Enhances customer experience by helping employees understand customer-centric approach.
  • Employees get to enhance their skill set and familiarize themselves with the newest industry trends.
  • Improves employee engagement, which later translates to greater motivation and job satisfaction.
  • National Center on the Education Quality concluded that a 10 percent increase in workforce education level led to an 8.6 percent gain in total productivity.
  • Better training increases employee retention rate.