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Case Study

55 Water Street

The following case study illustrates how Guardian Service Industries, Inc. has helped solve issues faced by one of our key commercial client at New Water Corporation managed by 55 Water Street.

55 Water Street is the second largest privately owned office building in the United States. Located in lower Manhattan with 3.8 million SF, it has been a fixture of the New York City skyline since it was built in 1972.

Tenants expect world-class office facilities operated and managed by New Water Street Corp., a professional management team with years of experience working in this building. They believe in a hands-on management approach.



Guardian was asked to take over the contract of a Class A, 3.8 million sf building with less than 2 weeks’ notice. It was not only important that the 55 Water office building be serviced upon this short notice, but also the office building be cleaned at a high quality as the building had a significant amount of traffic.


Guardian stepped up to the plate with daily communications and meetings, full press, hands on transition team, to ensure that the takeover was seamless without a drop in service nor our expectations. The fact that we are a full facility service company that provides excellence in Janitorial Services, Green Window Cleaning, Engineering & Operations, Pest Management, Security, Concierge and Front Desk services was a big advantage in this case.



By working with Guardian Service Industries, Inc., 55 Water was able to reduce their comprehensive janitorial services and lighting services costs while receiving improving results. The convenience of always having well trained, professional and experienced employees to handle emergencies or special situations was a big improvement for 55 Water.

“55 Water Street is home to tenants that occupy several hundred thousand square feet to almost a million square feet and Guardian treats each one with a personal touch and has subsequently grown from our preferred vendor to a trusted partner/consultant.” Dan Palino, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

Services Offered

Theres are some of the services we offered:

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