It’s Spring Cleaning Time

“Improve your facility maintenance operation by getting all your key stakeholders involved.”

–Alan Bressler Chairman of the Board & Chief Operating Officer

Winter has not quite left us yet, but now is the best time to start getting your facility ready for spring and summer. Just about now, we have had it with winter. We can see the wear it has taken on just about everything from your lobbies elevators, corridors to your roof. We are actually looking forward to spring-cleaning a.k.a. preparedness.

This season has been especially wearing on most of our properties. Many commercial properties have not been in full use. Conversely, residential properties are seeing more wear and tear than ever.

Doing the prep work now can possibly save you money in the end. The artic freezes combined with extra mild days, can all wreak havoc on your facility’s structure. These simple steps now will get you ready for spring and summer.

  1. Visual Inspection: Pick a starting point, either the roof or the cellar and work your way through the entire building. Take note of any damage that may have been caused by check pipes, fittings, structure, seals, leaks, cracks, etc. and notify any vendors you may need with your repair lists.
  2. Preventative Maintenance/Equipment Inspection: This is the time to check that your summer equipment is in working condition and is ready to kick on when needed. Make sure you have an ample supply of inventory and make note of what has been depleted over the winter months so you can re-order.
  3. Testing your Equipment: Now is the time to test your air conditioning units. Schedule your maintenance and confirm that everything is in good working order. Remember preventive maintenance will save you money in the end, check filters, coils, belts, wiring, air ducts, drain pans, motors, compressors, etc. Clean hoses. You will also have the added outcome of happy tenants.
  4. Be Proactive: While you are conducting your inspections and soft starts, make spot repairs as you go along. If existing staff cannot handle it, contact your vendors now, before they get very busy and you will have to wait. Prioritize your projects and set them on a time-line. This will allow you to go back to one central location to check them off as completed.

Now on to the Aesthetics of it All

Once the weather starts turning warmer you can move on to other areas, these include:

  1. Scheduling your window washing: make the most of daylight savings time and let all that sun shine in by having clean windows. Schedule early to avoid the rush. While you are scheduling – do not forget the interior windows and glass partitions.
  2. Spruce up the exterior: Check your curbs and walkways for damage, cracks, and holes. If on a campus setting, check your landscaping, make note of any areas that need special attention. Residential properties may have courts and pool areas that require special attention prior to season opening. Check parking lots for cracks and potholes that need repairing. If your building has awnings, check to make sure they made it through the season. Check all your fittings and standpipes. Now is also a good time to start pressure washing and painting areas that need touching up.
  3. Freshen up your lobby, corridors, trash rooms and amenity spaces: Salt, slush, ice, dirt have been pounded into your floors for the last two or three months. Schedule them for a deep cleaning. Inspect your floor mats and replace any that have outlived their usefulness. Strip and wax, shampoo, do what you have to do, but get those floors cleaned.
  4. Spring Cleaning: Now is a good time to pull out your list of periodic work and go through as many as you can. Purge broken equipment, stanchions, and signage. Clean those high lighting fixtures, replace burned out bulbs, do your high dusting, have all fire safety equipment cleaned and serviced.

These are just some of the steps you can take to help you prepare for spring, tenants returning and the months ahead. Remember to call Guardian Service Industries, Inc. for help with getting your building ready.

Let’s have a happy spring!