A Wi-Fi Electronic Mousetrap: How Effective Is It For Our Pesky Pest Problems?

With new technology constantly being introduced into our daily lives, it can become difficult to know what technological devices actually make our lives easier, and what devices are, frankly, a big waste of time. While some of these new innovations sure seem like great ideas, they often fall short when it comes to actual capability. Let’s consider this while we unpack the effectiveness of the “Smart-Kill Wi-Fi Electronic Mouse Trap” by Victor.

For people who hate those little rodents, and cannot stand the thought of them, this device seems like a perfect solution. The Smart-Kill trap sends kill alerts to your mobile device so that you never have to check the trap unless you’ve caught one. The trap has the ability to monitor an unlimited number of traps simultaneously, so owners of these devices do not need to waste time catching one rodent at a time. The manufacturers state that their devices have a 100% kill rate, which guarantees that mice won’t come into contact with the trap and live to continue pestering. Perhaps one of the most appealing features of this smart trap is that it offers a removable kill chamber so you do not have to touch the dead rodent, and can instead, simply open and empty the creature directly into the trash.

While this new technology has many benefits, electronic devices often also carry some disadvantages. Unhappy users have complained that their traps malfunction because the sensors, the batteries, or the safety switch, just do not seem to work. Others are concerned that we are employing technology to problems that simply do not need technology. They argue that some problems are better solved using old fashioned methods. One user believes the mouse is more likely to get distracted by the motion detector in the Victor trap and will, as a result, miss the trap altogether.

Whether you believe we need a Wi-Fi electronic mousetrap out there or not, it exists. When considering all of the reviews, and thinking about the problem at hand, the advantages seem to outweigh the disadvantages. If you are someone who dislikes these rodents, and wants to make the act of catching them as simple as possible, it appears that most believe the Victor Wi-Fi Electronic Mouse Trap is effective. Yes, you may run into some technical difficulties, but that is the price you may have to pay to get rid of those pesky-little fellows.