The Importance of Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial window cleaning is an overlooked task for many businesses. But the importance of clean windows goes beyond aesthetics. It gives an excellent return on investment by reducing damage to windows and increasing their lifespan.  Here are a few reasons why clean windows matter to your company:

Clean Windows Increase Staff Productivity

Summer months are here as is the time to clean away the winter and spring blues. And let the sun shine through! Over the past few years many studies have shown that work environment affects employee productivity. According to researchers, work spaces with natural light greatly boost efficiency. Maintaining clean windows will not only improve the look of your building from the outside but also help your employees’ mood on the inside. With this understanding, commercial property  have the chance to create and sustain environments that reduce employee stress levels and increase their ability to focus.

According to a customer satisfaction survey result “companies that have an office cleaning service provider achieve higher production numbers because of increased staff morale.”

Moreover, “Not only does the clean office help lift employees’ spirits, but it also encourage them to be more organized within their personal work space.”

Clean Windows Reduce Damage

Did you know that glass windows are porous? Exposure to natural elements, such as rain, snow, and dust, can adversely affect the strength of your windows over time. Weakened glass windows in most commercial buildings can lead to costly cosmetic damages. Professional companies like Guardian Service Industries, Inc offers cost effective, green and efficient ways to clean your office glass windows, especially from the outside. These types of services enable your company to reduce cost in the quickest and most effective way.

As “one of the largest, fully insured and licensed window washing company,” Guardian provides information on the best methods of commercial window cleaning. We also work on a frequent basis to extend the longevity of your windows.

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