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EssentialClean Commercial & Residential Covid Cleaning

Guardian EssentialClean

Guardian’s EssentialClean program will give you, your tenants and your employees the peace of mind to return to your daily activities. Using our GBAC trained technicians, Guardian will work with you to determine the best program for you. Whether it’s returning to work cleaning, augmented ongoing service or contamination cleaning our Account Executives will find the best solution.


The past year and the global pandemic has changed our world like no other time in history. Most businesses had to drastically change how they conduct their work and continue to serve their customers during various states of lockdown and transformation.

As our society is gradually opening back up, our Guardian EssentialClean division is committed to ensuring your workplace and facilities are held to the highest level of standards of cleanliness and protection in the new, post covid-19 business landscape.

About Guardian EssentialClean

We have created our EssentialClean program to help your company and facility maintain the highest level of coronavirus safety and cleaning standards as businesses reopen and begin to function normally again.

Guardian EssentialClean is here to be your partner in ensuring your facilities and workplaces are up to the highest standards of coronavirus cleanliness protection. We follow the best practices laid out by the Center for Disease Control to make sure your workspace keeps your employees and customers safe.

Our dedicated account professionals are able to quickly assess your unique covid cleaning needs and create and deliver a customized cleaning plan that provides you with the peace of mind to know you are partnering with an industry leader who is here to serve you.

As our work continues, we will keep you up-to-date on the latest developments of your cleaning needs. If changes in scheduling or cleaning levels are needed, our account professionals can effortlessly organize and implement a new program to suit your evolving needs.

Excellence in Coronavirus Cleaning

Our standards of excellence at Guardian Service Industries has positioned us a leader in our field for over 100 years. It is with this excellence that we approach the unique challenges that the pandemic gives us for a broad reopening of businesses.

Whether you are reopening your offices after a year of having employees work remotely, or you have been an essential service provider and need extra coronavirus cleaning and maintenance, our cleaning regime will provide the maximum safety for your facility.

EssentialClean Skills

We maintain the highest levels of safety, not only for your facility, but also our staff.

Our cleaning technicians are always clad in the proper PPE as required by the project. Along with this, face masks and social distancing measures are always followed.

The cleaning professionals only use EPA List N approved disinfectants and cleaners. Extra care and attention is given to the dwell times to ensure the full effectiveness of the cleaning agents.

Our GBAC trained technicians perform the sanitization in 2 steps. They start with a deep cleaning, sanitizing all surface areas. Once this is completed, the full disinfection process begins. This 2-step approach makes sure that your workspace is fully cleaned and protected against viruses and bacteria.

3 Step EssentialClean Process

With Guardian EssentialClean, our mission is to help our customers experience the highest level of safe cleaning standards. This all begins with the initial deep clean.

Deep Clean Reopening: This step is for when your facility has been closed and ready to reopen to the public. We use our deep clean reopening checklist to make sure every nook and cranny is thoroughly cleaned to get you reopened on a fresh new start.

High Touch Traffic Areas: The frequency of this phase of cleaning ranges to suit the unique situation of the facility. Any area which has a large flow of traffic moving through it has a far greater need of regular disinfecting and sanitization. Guardian EssentialClean has you covered and will create a plan that meets the needs of your building.

Regular Overall Cleaning: Having created a high cleaning standard with our Deep Clean Reopening and frequent disinfection of High Touch Traffic Areas, the Regular Overall Cleaning is meant to provide a continual deep clean to your facility to maintain a consistently high level of sanitation.

Our Dedicated Account Representatives are happy to configure the perfect cleaning schedule and mix to keep your workspace open and functioning as safe and clean as possible.

EssentialClean Industries

Guardian Service Industries has been serving a broad base of clients and facilities for more than 100 years. Our commitment to excellence is unparalleled in the industry.

Below is just a small sample of the various industries that we have helped:

  • Housing and Real Estate
  • Aviation and Transportation
  • Banking and Finance
  • Higher Education
  • Business and Commerce>
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • K-12 Schools

  • Medical and Pharma

Contact Us

When you partner with Guardian EssentialClean to help your company stop Covid-19 you are joining our 2000+ client family who trust us to manage over 85 million square feet of facility spaces.

Our team of account representatives can help your business adapt and thrive in these uncertain times and connect you with our full service portfolio as needed.

Please fill in the contact form and a dedicated account representative will contact you shortly.