Winter is officially here! Watch For Frozen Pipes!

Winter is officially here! As a reminder, please pay special attention any possibility of frozen pipes in your facilities. Especially: Any construction that has been done in the last year or penetrations that did not affect pipes last year, could freeze this winter. Those areas should be walked with a thermometer and checked. Pay attention to “curtain” or outside walls where work was done.
Sprinkler work that is open to outside air penetrations:

  • Loading docks
  • Outside air plenum rooms
  • Roof mechanical rooms
  • Stairwells on outside walls
  • Fire stairs that exit directly to the street
  • Please make sure all heat trace that is supposed to be working is in fact pulling amps
  • Cooling tower lines
  • Hose tank lines
  • All OA dampers should be air tight when closed
  • Some buildings may have to shut outside hose spigots (this could apply to your home as well)

Remember, if a sprinkler system is in danger of freezing, YOU MAY BE ABLE TO isolate a drain a portion of it (CHECK LOCAL CODES AND YOUR LOCAL FIRE HOUSE), BUT YOU MUST NOTIFY CENTRAL STATION AND FDNY DISPATCH.
For more details on the winter storm click here.