So You Have A Sweet Tooth?

 Green Cleaning Wins Again!
Today,Guardian Service Industries, a facility solution provider, has been awarded the green cleaning contract for Dylan’s Candy Bar, the world’s largest confectionery emporium and lifestyle brand.
“We will strive every day to provide a safe, clean and friendly environment for Dylan’s Candy Bar guests,” said Lucy Artiga, Sales Director. “Guardian’s competency in delivering environmentally-friendly practices and products make us a natural fit to deliver the best experience Dylan’s Candy Bar has to offer.
In 2001, Dylan Lauren pioneered creating the world’s largest confectionery emporium and lifestyle brand, Dylan’s Candy Bar. By merging the worlds of art, fashion and pop culture with candy, Dylan’s Candy Bar has innovated the way we see candy today. With a mission to awaken the creative spirit and inner child in everyone, Dylan’s Candy Bar surrounds its customers with the most imaginative, state of the art decor and product mix.

Guardian Service Industries Inc.  |  Facility Solution Provider

Source: Blogspot