Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control

Guardian Exterminating Services are dedicated in providing a fast, reliable and professional service to all our customers.

Let us take care of your home with our proactive consultancy approach to domestic and residential pest control. All our employees are specially trained to handle the latest scientific techniques; we are dedicated in the control and elimination of all pests and vermin within the home environment.

Interior and perimeter treatments are provided with flexible scheduling arranged to ensure your satisfaction. Why not ask about our four-season service that provides assurance of a pest-free healthy home, year-round?

We understand the need for an emergency response at times so we will always endeavor to provide this service for you. Additionally, feel free to phone one of our ESA Qualified Technicians if you have any questions regarding pest control and prevention 7 days a week / 365 day of the year. All our employees are enthusiastic, committed and polite.

All we require from you is the details of the infestation and we will dispatch a technician qualified in that specific field as soon as possible. All our customers will receive assessments detailing what, if any, poisons have been laid and that we have adhered to the strictest health and safety regulations.

Guardians’ proactive approach to pest control includes:

  • Exclusion of external pest related problems
  • Restriction by proofing against external pest infestation
  • Destruction of rodents or insects
  • Rodent elimination while avoiding bad smells and disease restriction
  • Crawling insect control
  • Flying insect control
  • Bird repellent systems and management
  • Inspection and consultancy on all residential premises

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