Pest Control For Restaurants

Pest Control For Restaurants

Pest control infestations in restaurants and cafes are an unpleasant reality for many businesses. Your Reputation is built on not only providing customers with good service and quality food but also an assurance that all hygiene standards have been adhered to.

Why not take advantage of a FREE comprehensive site inspection by a ESA qualified operations manager who will provide the restaurant with a full report and list of recommendations which may include proofing of external influences into the restaurant and a PREVENTATIVE contract.

Food hygiene is extremely important in restaurants and cafes as Environmental Health Officers have high expectations, as do customers. Guardian Exterminating Services will manage your health hazards and risk to reputation.

Guardian Exterminating Services successfully manage many high-end restaurants in NY, NY, and CT including Michelin star establishments that have high expectations of service providers.

If you are looking for pest control experts, you’ve come to the right place!

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