Pest Control For Retail Environments

Retail stores are often ripe for a pest infestation due to the constant foot traffic and open doors. Shoppers want to feel that they are in a clean, hygienic space where they can feel safe to browse and make purchases. 
A pest problem in retail space can damage your brand and hurt customer confidence.
Most Common Retail Pests
Rodents  mice and rats are some of the most commonly encountered pests indoors, including retail stores. If a customer spots a rodent in a store, it can cause panic and scare away prospective shoppers. Avoid the nightmare of a rodent infestation by working with Guardian to keep your retail spaces protected from pests.
Fabric Pests — retail stores that sell clothes or fabrics are also susceptible to infestations from fabric pests like beetles and moths. As the leader in pest control, our fabric pest treatments are backed by global expertise. Your local Technician will be able to identify the pest infesting your property and then make the best treatment recommendation possible.
Successful pest control doesn’t just start with science – it continues day in and day out to help ensure your property is protected from pests and the damage they can do. Every Guardian Pest Control Specialist is trained to assess your unique characteristics, then implement and monitor an Integrated Pest Management plan based in science…created just for you.

When you choose Guardian’s Integrated Pest Management Plan, you choose a program backed by scientific research and proven results.

Source: Blogspot