How 5 Technology Companies in NYC Are Incorporating Design Into Their Workspaces

In recent years, marrying design with technology has become a common practice among architects and interior designers as they design work spaces for companies across numerous industries.

So it should come as no surprise that when some of the top names in the design industry were tapped to create work spaces for a handful of corporations in the technology sector in New York City, they would look to technology for inspiration. From live-streaming monitors that nod to one company’s television roots to a major with a mission to achieve zero-waste status by tracking its progress via open-sourced technology, businesses today are realizing the benefits that come when you blend design with technology. Here are five tech workplaces in NYC leading the charge.

Firm: Vocon
Neighborhood: Union Square
Designer’s Statement with Lance Amato:

The goal of Vocon’s design was to create an innovative and dynamic environment while presenting a sophisticated narrative of how to feel the comfort of home at your workplace. We designed the front end of the office with the same spacial relationship found in an open-concept loft and a lounge seating area similar to that of a living room that is connected to a pantry. This visual connection allows occupants that are in both spaces to connect with each other as well as with passersby on Court Street. The 21st-century office has transformed from a primary workspace to a meeting place. With this in mind, we focused on providing different types of gathering and meeting spaces to support formal and informal encounters. While employees still have their own singular desk, these spaces are minimal and purely functional. Common spaces are equipped with comforts such as residential furniture paired with AV capabilities to support collaboration and teamwork.

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